It's Harvest Time! Help Us Collect Wildflower Seed.

It's Harvest Time! Help Us Collect Wildflower Seed.

Location: SeaClift Entrance on N. Windsor St.
Docent: Holly Sletteland

Join us Saturday, August 17th to learn how to collect and process native wildflower seeds along the coastal bluff at Fiscalini Ranch Preserve. There should be some seaside golden yarrow, sea pink, bush lupine, seaside daisy, gum plant and a little buckwheat ready for the picking.  We’ll use the seed we collect to replant areas where we’ve removed invasive iceplant later this year. Absolutely no experience or special equipment is required! 

Everyone will learn how to identify a variety of native plants and harvest their seed during the first hour.  For those with a little more time and energy, you can also learn how to prepare the seed for broadcasting and/or help prepare a seedbed for planting by removing iceplant over the next hour.

Your efforts will directly benefit the preserve by helping to restore the native wildflowers that put on such a spectacular display in the spring and provide habitat for wildlife. Native wildflower seed can cost from $20 to $100 or more per pound, so volunteer harvesting saves us money that can be used for other projects. Moreover, seed collected on the preserve is far superior to anything we can buy, because it is adapted to the local conditions. 

If you’ve shied away from participating in our monthly workdays because it seems like more exertion than you can handle, this activity is for you! Collecting seed is an easy, leisurely task.  It’s a job for young, old and everybody in-between. 

We’ll start at 9:00am at the North Windsor entrance. We should easily be done with seed collection by 10:00. We’ll wrap up seed prep and iceplant removal by 11:00.  We’ll have munchies & supplies, so all you need to bring is you! Layered work clothing for changeable weather advised.  Bring a water bottle, gloves & clippers, if you have them. If you don't, no worries - we have extra. 


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